• I papapapapapapa parqed on your loan this sunday morning and i didnt even realise it was your house i crashed at --- until your dady came, screaming at my face, to fuck of quickly or he'd call the cops--- tatata--- REMEBER THIS FREAKIN' STU-PID SONG WE INVENTED??? xD i think im kinda drunk right now so don't bother ;p♥♥♥

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    Ton blog est genre trop class, quoi!

    • ;D micci :3

  • +5 !!! commen sa? sa fai 1 baille!

    • moi sa va e toi?! ^^ ouai grave cé cool de te revoir! =)

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    +5 pour toi :)

    • merci pr toi osii!

    • merci